400th Anniversary - Hallowing the Divine Name
The Divine Name Jehovah Restored 6972 Times

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Why is the Divine Name the only word in the entire Bible that has been targeted for removal from the Bible?

We all know who Jesus Christ is but who is Jehovah? The Almighty declared that Jesus is the mighty God at Isaiah 9:6,7 but why did Jesus say that his father was 'the only true God' at John 17:3? Why did Jesus say that God's name was necessary for unity among Christians at John 17:11? And why did Jesus say that he had made God's name known so that we could have love among Christians? Why? Why? Why? Because 200 years before Christ, the Devil provoked men to remove the Divine Name from the Bible. Thus the answer to why Jesus ministry was devoted to making known the Father to all of his followers, and we can see that all his disciples followed in his footsteps to do the same. As foretold by Jesus himself, after the 1st century, apostates came in and under Satan's influence continued to seek out and eliminate God's name from the mind by confusing Jesus, the son, as Lord with Jehovah, the father, as Lord. For centuries God has allowed the name of Jesus to be the target of reproach as so-called Christians ruling the nations have engaged in one heinous bloody battle after another, killing fellow Christians and any that opposed them, and all in the name of Christ. However Jehovah had buried throughout the world in thousands of secret places documents with his name firmly embedded in the scriptures. Thus it should make sense why now we have definitive proof that only can come from the Almighty about who he is. It is time for all the world to know that while Jesus takes away our sins upon himself, it is so the glory of Jehovah God Almighty may now be visible to us in these troublesome times. Re-examine the apostle Peter words at Acts 2:21, 39.

Do you want to be caught away along with those that removed God's name from his Holy Word, the Bible?

The LORD can anoint a lord to be the Lord but even the LORD cannot anoint any lord, to be the LORD since there is only one LORD, and neither can any lord nor even the Lord anoint a lord or a Lord to be the LORD.<

Jehovah can anoint a lord (such as Abraham or David or his only begotten son ) to be the Lord ( a master with greater responsibility ) but even Jehovah cannot anoint any lord, to be Jehovah since there is only one Jehovah, and neither can any lord nor even Jesus anoint a lord or a Lord to be Jehovah.

Such silly word games and mind games are the result of removing God’s name Jehovah from the Bible.

For the 400th Anniversary the DNKJB was released to the Internet early 2011.
The first copy in print released 3-9-2012.