400th Anniversary - Hallowing the Divine Name
The Divine Name Jehovah Restored 6972 Times

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Why is the Divine Name the only word in the entire Bible that has been targeted for removal from the Bible?

We all know who Jesus Christ the Lord is ‒ but who is the LORD?

In the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, we can NO LONGER deny that it is the Almighty God Jehovah speaking at Isaiah 9:6, 7 and it is THIS LORD who declares that Jesus is "the mighty God" so what has happened so that Jesus was compelled to say that his father the LORD was "the only true God" at John 17:3?

Two hundred years before Christ uttered those words a great wickedness happened. This wrongfulness is established by thousands of archaeological documents and copies of the Bible‒that many Jewish men, wittingly or unwittingly, targeted the Divine Name as the ONLY word to be removed from the Bible. Therefore when Jesus, God's only begotten Son, came to the earth Satan had made a preemptive attack on the spiritual soil of the minds of the God's chosen people. It doesn't have to happen to us.

It is so very important to reflect that God had preserved their history in the Bible and His covenant with them to give them freedom. These minds, just as our should be, should have been full of the promises and the glorious deeds found in those pages, sacred things that were performed by the Almighty God and CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO his Divine Name. Why?‒in order to grasp by what authority Jesus was standing before them. Satan claims that anyone can seize authority for themselves if they have wish and enough power to do so. Therefore Satan did not want Jesus to be able to OVERTURN WHAT SATAN TEACHES AND ESTABLISH THAT IT IS ONLY THE ALMIGHTY GOD THAT TRULY RULES and that anyone else that claims to rule in the face of that absolute fact then they must have been GIVEN AUTHORITY! Jesus proves that the Alighty God Jehovah may give authority, even the right to rule to many according to His purposes, but such rulership is always subject to His rule and authority. What Satan claims and teaches the world about free will is a lie and is why we see tragedy everywhere. Such ideas never came from the only true God or his only begotten son Jesus but come only from Satan. If those people in the 1st century could only grasp that Jesus was sent here to reveal these invisible things, that God had interceded in mankind's behalf to overturn the wicked slave, Satan, but had appointed a new leader, what relief that would bring to them spiritually and emotionally. (Matthew 25:14-30) They could know not only the reasons for all their suffering but also how it would all be overturned, and that mercifully standing before them in flesh and blood, restoring the basis for full faith, was the complete answer to the perfect rulership, the actual fulfillment of the promise that mankind would actually see how a man of flesh could live in and on this Earth and still fully reflect God's qualities‒then Jesus could successfully plant the seeds of the Good News of the Kingdom that are now truly and in a meaning way bearing fruit.

Removing God's unique Divine Name from the Bible could have only one purpose. What would that be? If we only imagine how emotionally distant we would be from our savior to remove the name Jesus from the New Testament then we can immediately see why Satan would seek to remove the Divine Name of the Almighty God from the Old Testament. We can then see it accomplishes the 'perfect storm' of confusion‒both mental and emotional. It would allow religious leaders and the kings and governments lead by Satan to spiritually fornicate with each other and then with that power to do wicked deeds to them, to literally steal from them, to terrorize them and literally murder their loved ones and to oppress them into literally slavery. Humans in grief and devastation would conclude somehow that it must have been God's will‒for had not their spiritual leaders taught them that they had the divine right to rule over them in God's name and in Christ's name? (Matthew 7:15-23) In a supreme display of God's mercy, Jesus, in the spirt and power of the Almighty God and thus wiser than Satan, embarked on a fearless mission to reconnect the people to the only true God by making his father's name known to them. (John 17:26) Is the Divine Name really so important to faith and salvation?

Yes Jesus was up against something but what? These Jewish men entrusted with preserving the truth could not rule from their graves and still somehow be in cahoots with those in the 2nd and 3rd century who did the same thing to all their copies of the Bible. There would have to be some other influence‒some other person or persons or at least some other ideology or belief system‒that did not die out. Here was God's word the Bible refreshed by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, setting men free and exposing the Devil, what could wicked ones do to stand up to this? For these men it was a question of how much tampering with the Bible would do the trick‒not too little and not too much. Looking back we can see that no one dared remove the name of Jesus‒for had they done so the New Testament would be entirely incomprehensible and wholly unacceptable haveing no connection with the Old Testament‒with any lord or god being easily confused with any other one found in the Old Testament or the New Testament‒and this would serve no unrighteous ruler's purpose to maintain confusion‒for even confusion requires conflicting but seemingly logic arguments. Isn't that what we see that rules the chaos of religion throughout history? But you may ask, "We see that is all foolish and in the past so as long as we do what is right what does it really matter?"

Clearly doing what is right is what matters most to God and to Jesus and this makes sense to everyone no matter what their religion or even if they don't believe in a god of any kind. Yet the world is filled with anxiety and fear that we may be at the brink of either complete chaos or at least a devastating readjustment in its social structure. The burning question is "How is the world to get through its next millennium?" What will government be like and how can all this religious freedom coexist and still there be peace? If we are at such a time, then what does clarifying these things about Jesus and the Almighty God, or our knowing the Divine Name have to do with our not being on the wrong side of the future?

The truth is quite simple but it has been made completely confused because of the fear that people have of each other as they witness each other 'worship' God and then go slaughter one another as if love never ever was part of their mind. But we can't give up due to fear because the truth about the Divine Name is inexorably linked with Love. (1 John 4:8) It may be a 'new idea' to many people, yet the Bible makes it evident that the term god is rightfully applied in many, many cases to those called God's offspring (Psalms 82:6; John 10:34; 1 Corinthians 8:5, 6)‒yet this is not a license for anyone who might be called a god or the God of this World or anthing else for that matter, to be worshiped‒for Jesus himself proclaimed time and again that worship should only go to the Almighty God, the only true God. (Matthew 4:10; Revelation 19:10) Satan, one of God's many sons, has attempted to confuse mankind and to hide his guilt for seeking the honor as such should only be given to "the only true God" and to rule as he does BUT WITH NO AUTHORITY FROM THE ALMIGHTY GOD. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12) The effect upon mankind has been devastating as they are influenced to reason in the same manner‒imagining they are free and independent thinkers‒yet objectively we can see they are merely puppets of his. On the other hand‒Jesus in every deed and in every word from his mouth shows that he wants all mankind to know that the light of truth that Satan is attempting to hide from them‒is the light that the Father of Jesus Christ is the only true God‒in the absolute sense‒and he is Sovereign over all even if he has authorized us to have free will and the right to choose if we want to put everlasting faith in‒not only His right to rule as he pleases‒but His wisdom as ruler who rules in pure unadulterated love, those he has determined to exist as FREE sons of his.

Have you come to grips with that true fact‒that God's name was and has been DOWN TO THIS DAY the only word targeted for removal from the Bible? This is no small thing at all since the removal of God's name means it was removed over 7000 times! No other word or words found in the ancient manuscripts that people attempt to construe to be a name for God even remotely are used so many times. There are no other names in the Bible that compare to the TETRAGRAMMATON or YHWH or Jehovah. What a great hypocrisy to excuse this by saying that Jehovah or the TETRAGRAMMATON is merely one of God's many names.

Jewish leaders claim that it is too sacred and non-Jewish leaders say that Jehovah is merely the Old Testament name for God the Father and even say it is for Jesus our Lord and Savior. This works for them because it pacifies the apathetic and excuses the hypocritical‒but how do you feel? Do you feel that you can make room for this kind of reasoning in your heart? What has happened to our minds so that we should now think that targeting the Divine Name for removal from the Bible reflects the thinking of either Jesus or his father, the Almighty God Jehovah? We clearly know that the Bible says that Satan, the God of this World, is the sworn enemy of God and Christ‒so if we believe in anything at all why not indict such thinking as coming directly from the influence of Satan?

Jesus foreknew this very situation would finally happen to mankind even though he came to this earth and offered his life as a sacrifice. Look again at John 17 and read verse 11 and see what would bring unity and read verse 26 and see what specifically brings this love into the congregation of those seeking salvation through Christ Jesus. Where is the love and unity that should be present among those worshiping the God of Abraham‒those that have praised Jesus as Savior? It is simply not there, is it? Truly then billions today‒feeling very spiritual and praying to God and to Jesus, and confessing a righteous fear of God‒have succumbed to Satan's influence since they have actually based their fear of God on the lies that removal of God's name from the Bible is the thinking of the Almighty God and his Son. (Isaiah 29:13; Matthew 5:9; Mark 7:8)

Why is the name of God so very important? Re-examine the apostle Peter words at Acts 2:21, 39.

Do you want to be caught away along with those that removed God's name from his Holy Word, the Bible? If not then let us go tell others about the Divine Name and let all those seeking the path of safety in these times call upon him as was instructed.

The LORD can anoint a lord to be the Lord but even the LORD cannot anoint any lord, to be the LORD since there is only one LORD, and neither can any lord nor even the Lord anoint a lord or a Lord to be the LORD.<

Jehovah can anoint a lord (such as Abraham or David or his only begotten son ) to be the Lord ( a master with greater responsibility ) but even Jehovah cannot anoint any lord, to be Jehovah since there is only one Jehovah, and neither can any lord nor even Jesus anoint a lord or a Lord to be Jehovah.

Such silly word games and mind games are the result of removing God’s name Jehovah from the Bible.

For the 400th Anniversary the DNKJB was released to the Internet early 2011.
The first copy in print released 3-9-2012.